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Dungeon Craft is an effort to develop an RPG and editor that mimics SSI's Forgotten Realms Unlimited Adventures (FRUA). A few improvements have been made over the original FRUA, 16/24/32-bit color, more levels allowed, editable items/monsters/spells, and the resulting design includes the game executable so that each design is playable without the editor. Other differences exist, but I have attempted to duplicate FRUA/Gold Box behavior as much as possible. Of course, suggested improvements have a good chance of making their way into the source code.

Dungeon Craft is an Open Source project released under the Gnu Public License. Links to the latest release of source and executables are available on the downloads page. If you have comments or suggestions, please visit SourceForge where you may use our feature reguest and bug tracking systems, as well as check out the DC open forums and send messages to the game's developers.


08-24-16: (manikus)

We've added a new feature to Dungeon Craft - Event Attributes. It works by attaching one or more attributes to an event in the same way you attach a special ability to an item, monster or spell. It allows the designer to customize menus for all events and to use different texts than the one written in the editor, useful for conditional statements. Download the demo and give it a try. Participate in the conversation or ask questions about functionality in the FRUA community forums.

08-22-16: (manikus)

Work continues on Dungeon Craft, and we're getting ready for another release (2.5). Lots of working being done on making additions to the databases. Add-on for monsters: Dinosaurs, is already live, with add-on for monsters: Underwater in testing and soon to be live. Both contain new monsters with all of the other database updated you need, not to mention some great new art.

09-22-14: (manikus)

Version 1.0 is live! Visit our site at or if that is slow, try Paul's site. First update will be version 1.01 out on October 15th with additional updates on the 15th of each month after that.

12-31-13: (manikus)

Site updated with a new look for the top bar and some general housekeeping as 2013 ends and we get ready for the big push to the release of version 1.0 of Dungeon Craft.

05-23-11: (manikus)

Major site update, including update to links, downloads, designs to play and about web pages. New archived news pages for 2005 to 2008 have been added, as well as updating this main page with news from 2010 and earlier this year. All of this is in preparation for the release of Dungeon Craft version 1.0.

03-25-11: (manikus)

We've been really busy - we're up to build 180 of the engine since implementing the Special Abilities. That's about 3 to 4 new builds per week.

We're at the stage where we're fixing the SA Hook issues.

One thing that has been decided is to fill out the bestiary a bit more. Previously, we were operating with 96 monsters in the monster database, but in the last two weeks, I've gotten that number up to 125, and I'm not done yet. All of the additions use wonderful icons by Uatu.

Several testers including nologgie and Nol Drek have stepped up to show off some mad scripting skills, and because of this things are getting really cool - many of the previously unavailable special attacks, defenses and abilities for monsters are now added, like bear hugs for bears, rear claw raking by big cats, engulfing for the shambling mound, and draining for stirges, giant weasels and fire bats (just to name a few).

11-30-10: (manikus)

Tons of bugs have been fixed - thanks to all the beta tester for finding them and thanks to Paul for all the coding in the program and thanks to me for rewriting a bunch of scripts.

Nothing new had been added to DC, because, well, I think we have everything in it now. That's right your heard it here first, I think DC is done exept for the bug fixing and more testing and more bug fixing.

11-01-10: (manikus)

We've been working on or added the following since the last update: 7 distant walls missing wall fixed, lots of new linger icons for spells thanks to Dinonykos, security dialog before using "Import All" databases, sprites for giant rat and xvart thanks to Uatu, silver dragon added to monster database, icon by Uatu, beholder completed, Sweeping added, many, many bugs fixed and many, many more discovered, because...we are now testing with a select group of users what will be the version 1.0 releae of DC.

09-09-10: (manikus)

We have added the following: elf combat bonus when using bow or sword, dwarf/gnome/halfling saving throw bonus, paladin immune to disease, paladin protected from evil, Drain finally works the way it should, wight, wraith, and vampire finished.

08-31-10: (manikus)

We added a Transfer Module hook to allow removal of listed items from the party when they use the event, as laid out in the script.

Paul added a bunch of new functions to GPDL and engine use - most as a result of working on the Drain SA - we can now query level without listing a specific class, as well as set the level, max HP can now be gotten and set, plus several others that can be seen by looking in the end of the month updates for July.

Debugging and testing of scripts and databases has begun, and I have made more than a dozen corrections so far - just the really obvious ones. I'm sure there are lots more to be found.

The Help Documentation is continuing to progress, and as soon as Paul gets a chance, the itemized descriptions for the four databases' default entries are now done. Phew! You don't even want to know how long it takes to write descriptions for 400+ items, 60 or so monsters, 125+ spells and around 200 special abilities.

07-26-10: (manikus)

We have added the ability to export the baseclass database to a text file. "Wait" feature - spacebar can now be used to have the party 'wait' in current spot during 3D mode, which causes one minute to pass and step events to fire if applicable. $DAT_Baseclass_Experience(), $DAT_Baseclass_Level() - now you can input the XP and get the level and vice versa.

The monster database has been updated with: green slime, umber hulk, purple worm, medusa, basilisk, wight, wraithm vampire. The spell database has been updated with: restoration, gaze attacks. The Special ability database has been updated with: troll regenerate, troll get-up, drain (still in progress to incorporate Training Hall activity)

06-15-10: (manikus)

We now have regeneration, troll regeneration (starts 3 rounds after damage), troll get up (you think they're dead, but no...) vorpal attacks (this used to work, but it's been redone in the new system), purple worm swallowing, fire shield (as in the spell with the same name), cloudkill (as the spell), mind blank (as the spell), and a few to tweak the way spells work. Currently, Paul and I are hip-deep in figuring out how "drain" will work so that we can give vampires et al some teeth. An interesting side-effect of this is that we are now accessing the base class database more, specifically for level/experience point tables. What this means, and I know Uatu will be excited about this, is that level caps are working now - Druids only go to the 23 level. That also means with Paul's "billiard plaery" demo a couple of weeks back that we can add classes and limit how far they advance, per the 1e rules or the designer's whims. Assassins and Illusionists anyone? We can also now implement a psionics system if we so choose. (I"m not adding assassins, illusionists or prionicists for the version 1.0 release; but I expect I will be adding at least the first two shortly thereafter).

04-30-10: (manikus)

Paul has been able to fix 3 bugs with the editor and given me a first working "combat teleport" ability which we will now refine to fit what DC needs. He has also updated the Wiki documentation to reflect his changes.

05-14-10: (manikus)

PCs can now teleport in combat. PCs and monsters can now see invisible, and can be invisible (though I'm still working out some bugs on this, as invisible is really 'invincible' at the moment). PCs can now be protected from spells of certain levels as per the Minor Globe and Globe of Invulnerability spells.

03-29-10: (manikus)

Over the last few weeks, the developers have been visited by the fellow who started this wonderful project and have been able to successfully create two new Special Abilities - blink and fear. With Paul's help, I've got a nice set of scripts working for Mymmy Fear. Fear in DC will nor exactly work liike FRUA, because DC allows us to do more. Fear will work just like the 1e rules state. That means that Mummy Fear causes a PC to flee or be paralyzed, and it only works within a certain proximity. Dragon Fear will have all the innovations of Mummy Fear, plus it will effect PCs of differnt levels in different manners.

02-26-10: (manikus)

We're working on mummy fear, and soon as we get the fleeing part worked out, I'll be able to do dragon fear and the fear spell. We just got the initiative bug taken care of. Blink is now working and we'll be looking at teleport next (after fear is done). I've also heard tell that we can compile the code in newer versions of Visual Studio than I thought possible, which means that I will be able to putz around in the code again and fix a couple of little issues that aren't worth Paul's time as they are only changes to the forms used.

01-29-10: (manikus)

We're making some major headway into the Special Abilities. In the last few days to a week, we've added all of the dragon breaths, immunity to weapons (normal, all, less than +2, less than pluse +3, less than +4 [because I want it], and protection from normal missiles), and finally added immunity to damage types (acid, cold, fire, electricy, poison). I've also added paralysis and petrify and am working on immunities to them, respectively.

10-16-09: (manikus)

Announcing the winner of the first Dungeon Craft Design Contest - The Mystery of Filos by Jadefang.

You can download it right now from or in the Designs to play section of this site.

You do not need the editor to play this design, just download the zip archive and the Dungeon Craft Runtime engine (UAFWin.exe) and place the file in the folder you unzip from the archive. If you already have downloaded the Dungeon Craft Editor, you only need install the archive.

09-13-09: (manikus)

I've gotten around to doing a couple of minor updates to the site. The status and about pages are updated and the link to Paul's other project is fixed. I also have finally gotten all of the Help Documentation uploaded to the Wiki.

07-13-09: (manikus)

I have updated the links page. It's both a little easier to navigate and contains some important links, such as to the DC Wiki and the Help Documentation.

06-07-09: (manikus)

I have finallly regained reliable access to this web site and fixed an error in Links section that points to my homepage. I expect that there will be more changes coming very soon, and hopefully a lot more frequesntly.

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