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NEWS 2003

(some links may not work anymore)


Another release is ready, but unfortunately this one doesn't add any new spells. There are several bug fixes and a couple of new features in it though.


I uploaded a small update that fixes a sound problem in the previous release. The problem was DC would not load or play MP3/MIDI sound files.


Finally, another release is ready. Version 0.906 is ready for download. The only major feature enhancement is the ability to use a new type of spell animation called 'linger'. Spells such as 'Stinking Cloud' need an animation that lingers on the combat map and inflicts the spell's effects on combatants that enter the affected map area. I've also added some new default spells. Most of the first and second level spells for Magic Users and Clerics are available.

I forgot to include three of the updated monster icons in the release file. You can download them here. Unzip the icons into your DefaultArt folder. Unzip the monsters.txt file into your root UAF folder (you'll see the old file there).


Version 0.904 of Dungeon Craft is now ready. This one adds more default spells and further enhances the GPDL scripting. Each new future release should add more spells until the original FRUA spells are all added.

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