Formerly called UAForver

Help Documents

Paul's site- the most up-to-date documentation for all things Dungeon Craft
manikus' site- a mirror of Paul's site (only the formatting has been changed) as well as useful tutorials for Dungeon Craft aimed all levels of users, from beginners to experts

Active Sites

World's Edge- Uatu's site for DC graphics
Dinonykos DC- Dinonykos DC art and tutorials
manikus DC- manikus DC art and tutorials
The Magic Mirror- A searchable archive site that has designs and artwork for use with Dungeon Craft

Inactive Sites

Steve McDonald- Steve McDonald's DC Art
Dreamlands- Jörg Weber's DC site
Kaltusara's DC- Marc's DC site
The Ironworks- Dan Huling has created a great place to view and download DC art
Dungeon Craft Corner- Tarlanon's DC site
The Hollow- John Donlan's DC art site
TwilightKing's DC- An art site by TwilightKing


Audacity- Free audio editor
Terragen- Free photorealistic terrain generator
GMax- Free 3D mesh editing, based on 3DMax
The GIMP- Free image editor