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NEWS 2001

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I uploaded version 0.780 of Dungeon Craft. This one fixes the spell limit calculations, and adds a party journal system. The designer creates the journal entries, and uses an event to add an entry to the party's journal. The party can view the current journal from the Encamp menu. You can embed the current game clock into the journal entry by using three new text modifiers - ^D (days), ^H (hours), and ^M (minutes).


A minor update to the executables uploaded tonight. There was a problem introduced with the graphics when I updated DC to use the new CDX library. The installer has not changed, you will need to download the engine and editor executables separately and unzip them into the proper DC folder.


Tonight's release contains support for full screen AVI video playback, and lets you place walls/zones/backdrops just by dragging the mouse cursor.


I uploaded a new version of DCConfig. The old one contained a call to a Win32 function that does not work on Windows 95. Other than taking out that function, DCConfig still has the same functionality. There's no need to download it again unless you are using Win95.


Wow, almost a month since the last update! Tonight's release features the ability to copy/paste a single event or an entire event chain. You can paste to the same level or a different level. Also updated are DCConfig, DC Hardware Check, and UAF Config.


Version 0.750 of Dungeon Craft is available. Clerics can now turn undead in combat, event text supports inline font color tags, and monsters can be given multiple attacks with each attack having it's own dice roll and attack message.

Don't forget that this release will require that DirectX 7 or higher be installed on your computer.


Dungeon Craft has been converted to use DirectX 7 rather than DirectX 3. The Dx3 support was needed to allow DC to run under Windows NT 4. Now that Dx7 is used, Windows NT is no longer supported. The next release of DC will include the Dx7 changes.

If you don't have DirectX 7 or higher installed, you will not be able to run the latest version of  Dungeon Craft anymore. You can upgrade to the latest version of DirectX for free by downloading it from the Microsoft DirectX website.

If you want to test your computer for compatibility with the upcoming version of Dungeon Craft, download and run this small utility. It will examine your DirectX and operating system versions and then inform you if your computer will not support Dungeon Craft.


As usual, there are numerous bug fixes in tonight's release. Some new features include allowing all money types to be added to treasure events, and allowing shops to be configured for item identification and gem/jewelry appraisal.


Trying to get back on track for weekend releases again. Tonight's release fixes bugs in the new zone art for the area view display mode. It also adds a more sensible place to provide it, that being in the zone config window. Combat map generation is much faster, and the placement of the party and monsters should be more accurate. Many of the editor options, especially those are toggled on/off, are now automatically saved and then restored the next time you start the editor. You also get a new option that will automatically reload the last design you were editing.


This release includes a new tutorial in the help file, more zone configuration options, and many bug fixes.


Tonight's release contains fixes for the background music, and adds extra background music lists for each zone.


Well, I take that back. There won't be a release tonight because I got involved with other things during this three day holiday weekend. I'll try to catch up on my DC work and get the release together for Tuesday or Wednesday night.


Although lately there has been an update available each Sunday evening, this time the update won't be available until Monday evening. The editor screenshots were finally brought up to date.


Guess what? Another release! This one adds support for background music.


Today's release is available for download. It is mostly bug fixes, but also includes more FRUA items and monsters. It also includes the monster icons.


Another BASS version has been released, and I have updated the download link for it.


The editor seems to have picked up a nasty habit of causing an error message to pop up after you exit. This appears to be related to the BASS sound lib DLL. A new version of it was included with the last release. I have made another version of the DLL available for download. If you are experiencing these error pop ups when exiting the editor, download the DLL zip and put it into your root UAF folder. You will see a file called BASS.DLL already there, just overwrite it with the file you downloaded.


Another release available tonight to fix some bugs that turned up in last night's release.


Tonight's release is 0.6991 and it includes the first attempt at supporting magic. Not all features are supported yet, and only non-combat magic is supported for Cleric's and Magic Users.


I'm on the road for a business trip for a couple of weeks. I will be back around August 2nd and will upload a new release then.


Another release available tonight. The area view maps can now be customized for each wall slot. Other misc bugs were fixed as well. Check the change history in the help file for details.


The release for tonight allows configuration of difficulty settings, fixes some sound playback problems, and other misc bugs.


A minor release again tonight. The were some fixes needed in the area of version checks during file loading. Also, the engine supports setting the sound volume during game play. This release is a full update, the installer will upgrade your files automatically.


I uploaded a patched editor. The editor was not saving background and level sounds into the design folder properly.Download the zip file and unzip UAFWinEd.exe into your \UAF\UAFWinEd folder after backing up the current exe that is there.


Tonight's release includes more improvements to UA design importing, gives shop events the ability to sell and identify items, and adds support for secret and locked doors.


Tonight's release adds another option for displaying distant backgrounds, improves FRUA event importing, maintains NPC state between RemoveNPC and AddNPC events, and allows the designer to deny trading items between NPCs and other party members.


Uploaded a small patch for the engine only. The Vault events were not chaining after completion.


Release 0.694 is here. I made several miscellaneous fixes, and Paul added support for party and game variables into GPDL scripts.


More updates for the image caching uploaded.


Uploaded version 0.692 tonight. It includes a bug fix for an image caching problem, adds access to character run-time variables from GPDL scripts, and automatically saves created characters and then makes them available when the engine begins.


Uploaded a small patch to fix a problem with loading older designs.


Version 0.690 has arrived. This one adds a new event, random monster selection for combat events, item 'hit' animations, and more.


Highlights of tonight's minor update: fixes for the NPC and item events, the font size that the design uses can be edited, and there are now 71 character attributes available for query using Logic Block events. The NPC/Item event bug was the real reason for this update, it was a bad one.


A new release made available today too. Pretty darn productive day. I added some search capability to the engine that will let it display all designs on the install drive, then let you choose which one to play. A new version of the BASS sound library is also included this time.


The Design Launcher has been improved a little. It provides a list of designs from which you can choose one to play. It populates the list of designs by scanning the folders around it for folders ending in '.dsn'. This update provides a way to browse for a design folder and add it to the list of playable designs.


And another minor update was uploaded. This one fixes a problem in the engine that can cause it to suddenly exit. This situation happens when a text message is displayed using the embedded highlight command ( \h ), and the text ends with \h. If you try to import the UA design, Heirs To Skull Crag, this problem happens with the very first message displayed after starting the adventure.


Another minor update was uploaded that fixes a problem loading one specific version of saved designs. If you have a design saved as version 0.661 and it includes NPCs, then this update will let you load those files. The fix updates the engine and the editor.


An engine update was uploaded that fixes some problems with the processing of inactive money types, and also fixes a save game loading problem.


Tonight's release adds default monster items, item 'Use' events, NPC 'Talk' events, and lets you configure the encumbrance of coins. 


The last release enabled some money types to be edited (name, conversion rate), today's release fixes the bugs that were introduced and allows all 10 money types to be edited. In addition, gems/jewelry get the same treatment. The name can be edited, and the allowable range of random appraisal values can be changed.


Release 0.660 has been uploaded. I took a break from the magic/spell code to add in a few requested items. Some highlights: the backdrop slots have been increased to 48, a full screen backdrop can be used instead of solid color fill, and zones can be configured to prevent magic-use. The usual assorted bug fixes made the list too.


An updated engine has been uploaded.


There was a problem in the new mouse drawing code. I uploaded a new version that reverts to the original method of mouse updates until I figure out how to solve this problem.

I also separated the source code into a different install package. This reduces the main Dungeon Craft install to a mere 3 MB. That's a little more reasonable size to download. I don't think many users were installing the source code, and those that want it can still download it separately if they like (another 2 MB).


Version 0.653 is available. I'm still concentrating on magic/spell coding (it's not ready yet), so there isn't a whole lot of changes this time. Some bug fixes of course. The party can now Rest, and the rest can be interrupted by the current zone's rest event. The mouse cursor is now updated separately from the screen updates so it should be more responsive during file loads.

The install file size was getting too large and I broke it up into the main DC install, and several add-ons you can download separately if you want them. The main install is back down to around 5MB this time.


Version 0.651 of the editor and engine are available as separate downloads. They fix some Logic Block event problems with the operators added in release 0.650 and add two new ones.


Version 0.650 of Dungeon Craft is available. It includes more additions to the Logic Block event and a few bug fixes.


I put up another incremental build tonight. This build adds a missing menu to the Who Pays event, and allows the money names to be edited. 


I have made an incremental build available for the editor and engine executables. These two zip files don't contain any support files, and will not self-install. Just unzip the files and put them into the executable folder.


Version 0.640 of Dungeon Craft is available. Backdrop sounds and runtime icon alteration were added this time. The links to Phalzyr's files have been updated, but his web page is still not mirrored here yet.


Once again the RPGMaker site is down, so I've mirrored the site here on sourceforge. Some links won't work, and Phalzyr's site has not been mirrored yet.


Version 0.630 is available. It adds support for transparency in backdrops, level copying, and bug fixes. Work is progressing on spell code. I have added support for scripting the spells in a manner similar to the Baldur's Gate AI scripting. I believe it can also be eventually used for combat AI in Dungeon Craft. Many parts of the code must change to support spells, so it may be several releases more before it is working.


Version 1.32 is available for UAFConfig. It adds the ability to change the editors resolution in a more reliable way than current editor's menu choices. The menu choices will be removed in next release and replaced with a link to the config program. Phalzyr's Download page.


Version 0.620 is available. It fixes some bugs related to adding the extra wall slots, and adds alpha-blending capabilities for backdrops and walls. It can also automatically darken the viewport to simulate night. All is configurable of course.


Source for EasyTex and UAFConfig is now available at Phalzyr's Download page. Version 1.22 of EasyTex is available.


Version 1.21 of EasyTex is now available. Added Original UA wall downloads to Phalzyr's Download page. Version 1.2 and 1.3 of Config is available 1.3 can be found at Phalzyr's download page.


Version 0.600 is available. This release adds the Config Editor, an EasyTex update, initial support for different screen resolutions, support for 48 wall slots, and rendering of distant backgrounds.

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