Formerly called UAForver


Dungeon Craft is an effort to develop an RPG and editor that mimics SSI's Forgotten Realms Unlimited Adventures (FRUA). This project began back in 1995 as an effort to learn more about Windows/DirectX programming. I got the itch to start Dungeon Craft after picking up a book called "Windows 95 Game SDK Strategy Guide" by Clayton Walnum. In it the author described how to make the pseudo-3d viewpoint used by FRUA when the party is adventuring. Then I found a book called  "Spells of Fury, Building Windows 95 Games Using DirectX 2" by Michael Norton which described a way of making a tile-based map similar to the FRUA combat screens. I figured if I put the two pieces together I would have a good start towards cloning FRUA, and learn more about DirectX (formerly Game SDK) programming along the way.

A few improvements have been made over the original FRUA, 16/24/32-bit color, more levels allowed, editable items/monsters/spells, and the resulting design includes the game executable so that each design is playable without the editor. Other differences exist, but I have attempted to duplicate FRUA/Gold Box behavior as much as possible. Of course, suggested improvements have a good chance of making their way into the source code.

Dungeon Craft is an Open Source project released under the Gnu Public License. Links to the latest release of source and executables are available on the downloads page. If you have comments or suggestions, send me some email.

Richard Turner Founder and developer
Paul R. Stevens Lead developer
manikus Project Manager and lead scripter
nologgie Scripter and beta tester
Dinonykus Artist and beta tester
Uatu Artist and beta tester
Ziroc Artist
Kevin Wyllie Artist and developer
David Downing Developer
Derek Harmon Developer
Tarlanon Developer
Lurchbrick Developer
Steve McDonald Beta tester
Nol Drek Beta tester and scripting
Jadefang Beta tester
Silent thief Beta tester
ProphetSword Beta tester
Ben J. Beta tester