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Version 0.902 of Dungeon Craft is ready for download. Besides the usual bug fixes, Magic Users can now select starting spells in addition to the spells automatically given to them as designated by the designer. Spells are also chosen as new spell levels are reached when the Magic User trains. There is a new spell targeting option that allows them to be cast in a straight line that can start at the caster or at a chosen map location.


Version 0.900 of Dungeon Craft is available. For the most part it contains bug fixes, but one new feature is the ability to cast spells that target a cone-shaped area. Also, Paladins can now 'Lay On Hands' to heal 2HP per level, per day.


Another upgrade for the editor is available today. It fixes a problem with losing NPC or Item events after viewing the global design configuration data. Download the update here.


An upgrade is available for the editor (UAFWinEd.exe). It fixes a problem in the previous release that prevents you from using a quest variable as an event trigger. Download it here.


Today's release of Dungeon Craft, version 0.890, contains an important bug fix that will keep the editor from silently deleting some NPC or Item events. There are also several improvements for the FRUA design import process. The spell and magic stuff is still making progress too. There are two changes related to magic in this release, the Temple event can cast spells on the party, and the spell memorization time is calculated properly now.


Version 0.882 of Dungeon Craft is ready to go. This release has a fully functional DicePlus expression parser, allows GPDL scripts as event triggers, and allows custom messages to be displayed when special abilities are used or enabled. Actually, the work on special ability messages is not complete, but at least you can display such messages when attacks are made in combat, or when readying an item. For instance, when attacking with a weapon that has the 'Vorpal' ability, and if the weapon uses the ability (roll 20 on 1d20), then your custom message will be displayed after the attack. The custom message could be something like, 'Bobo removes the head from Kobold'.


Apparently, I've made two mistakes today :) To explain, there are several changes in the text config files for race/class and such. Since parts of the engine depend on the data in these files being correct I forced a load of them even when loading an existing design. Nobody is supposed to be editing these files yet anyway, so I didn't see any harm in doing this. If I didn't force the reload, character generation would behave weirdly. Fortunately, I forced a reload of the item and monster text files too, which means that after loading your design all of your items and monsters are returned to default settings. Your items and monsters are not lost. You can manually import your item and monster DAT files, then save your design, and all should be just fine.

Also, I have updated the DC installation with a fix for this problem. The automatic update should install the latest for you.


I forgot to update one of the config files on the server, which was preventing the automatic update from functioning. If you tried before and it failed, please try again.


Dungeon Craft version 0.870 is ready for download. This one is mostly bug fixes. We continue to improve the spell and magic system, but those changes are not readily apparent in this release. 


Dungeon Craft version 0.860 is ready for download. This release fixes a couple of nasty bugs in the event viewer, enhances the GPDL and LogicBlock events, and adds a couple more special abilities.


Dungeon Craft version 0.852 is ready for download. There are a few bug fixes, but most of the last few weeks were spent on getting the special abilities to work. They are now enabled for spells, items, and monsters. Only around 6-8 of them can actually have an effect while playing a game. I'll get most, if not all, of them operating for the next release.


Dungeon Craft version is available. For this release, we concentrated almost exclusively on spell casting and magic. You can now cast spells during combat. There are still several areas of magic that still need to be implemented. Check the release notes for details about the current spell limitations.


There were a few mistakes made in the new release, and we've got a new update to fix them available for download. 


Almost a month has gone by since the last release, and we've been busy. This release contains a long list of changes and bug fixes.


Release 0.820 is ready to go. For this one the character experience point tables and class restrictions were revised to AD&D 2nd edition rules. Also, a new event trigger was added that is based on the presence or absence of an NPC in the party.


Tonight's release, version 0.810, adds an 'Examine' event to special items and keys in addition to fixing several bugs.


I have another release ready. This one has some important bug fixes, and introduces editable title sequences and an 'Examine' event for items and NPC's.


Patches are popular today. I uploaded a patch for the engine and the editor. It fixes a problem where a graphics error is reported by the editor while testing a design.


I uploaded a patch for the engine. It fixes a problem where the monsters can stop moving in combat.


Release 0.790 is finally here. This one adds support for MOD music and it's variants (s3, it, etc). There is also support for background music in combat, and you can play AVI video in the small pic or big pic window rather than just fullscreen only.

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