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NEWS 2008

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08-04-08: (manikus)

For those interested in working in the 800x600 resolution, there is now an add-on pack for Dungeon Craft that contains all of the default art sized for this resolution.

Find it in the Downloads section for this project at SourceForge as DC_Art_800 release 0.914. DC Art 800 0.914

08-03-08: (manikus)

The look of the site has been changed. I think the new look is a little more tidy and is a bit easier to navigate. The links section has been updated to include a correct address for manikus' Dungeon Craft and to take out a few links unrelated to Dungeon Craft. A designs to play page has been added with links to 5 designs hosted through the website.

06/27/08: (manikus)

Added the Dungeon Craft game engine as a separate download on the Downloads page.

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